HOW TO GET RID OF MAGGOTS – A Definitive Guide

I’m sure everybody’s sick of maggots! In fact, if you’d like to read about people who’ve had the bad luck to get maggots, go take a look at the maggot stories here.

Thanks to Julie, a reader who left a comment on this site, we have this “definitive guide to killing Maggots“.

She browsed for hours and hours and wrote a summary of what she has seen to be the most common resolutions to the problem of having maggots.

And with her permission, I’ve posted what she found. There is a lot of information to digest, so hopefully it proves helpful

Killing maggots with chemicals

Products containing PERMETHRIN like:

- Doggie shampoo (heat water until boiling and use a strong amount of doggie shampoo)
- lice shampoo
- lice bedding spray
- RAID Wasp and Hornet Killer
- Raid Fumigator (a fogger) which is 12.6% Permethrin
- Raid Ant and Roach Killer (Outdoor Fresh Scent)
- Raid Max Foaming Wasp Killer
- Hot Shot Wasp Killer with Permethrin. More chemical solutions: Snail and slug bait
- Draino and hot water
- Pledge
- Fantastic or Formula 409
- hairspray
- brake cleaner
- carburetor cleaner
- motor oil
- gallon of boiling water with a cup of bleach and cup and a half to two cups of hydrogen peroxide.


Get rid of maggots without chemicals

- Putting a napkin down and stepping on the maggots
- Using boiling water by sweeping them all into a bucket and pour boiling water over them or picking them up with tweezers and dumping them into boiling water
- Sweeping them into a pile and putting them into a plastic bag in the freezer until dead
- Holding a steam iron close to the maggots and hitting the steam button
- Using a steam cleaner on the carpets (they come right to the surface)
- Using double-sided tape (you can trap them to a specific area)
- Filling an open plastic container with beer and putting it near the problem area (maggots crawl into it and drown).

Preventing maggots

- Use self-sealing trash cans indoors
- Seal non-garbage disposable food
- Make sure your outdoor bins are sealed (No overfilling)
- Put up fly strips near your barrels or in every room of the house (or you could use my guide to making a home made fly trap)
- If you smell a foul smell – find the source
- Pour a cup or two of bleach down your sinks, bath and disposal once every two weeks to eliminate any debris and bacteria breeding grounds (bacteria smells draw flies)
- Bleach rinse all barrels once a month (this is a good idea even if you already line your barrels with plastic bags and seldom spill)
- Screen all windows and doors and replace or patch torn screens
- Kill flies by darkening the larger rooms and leave a brightly lit bathroom open (when the fly makes his way to the light, enter the bathroom, close the door and finish it off instead of chasing it around the house)
- Throw out old meat the day of or one day before the trash is taken out
- Wash out any pop/beer cans or food residue in the recycle bin (they will attract flies), tie your garbage super tight so the flies do not get in
- Dispose of fallen fruit from fruit trees and do not leave pet food outdoors.

A maggot conclusion

So, you can see from the list above that maggots can be dealt with.

And, if you need to see what maggots look like, visit this page: Pictures of maggots

Over 200 new visitors EVERY DAY come here looking for help to get rid of maggots, from all over the world. And I hope this site has helped them.