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    Last week was nice and cold and rainy, perfect weather for soup so a made a big pot of pork soup. Unfortunately it warmed up a few days later and the flies came back. I went away for the weekend and came back to a pot of rotten fermenting soup since my housemate was too lazy to empty and clean the pot and also didn’t close the lid properly so sure enough, there were young maggots crawling about. Thankfully they didn’t get out of the pot.

    So today I’m cleaning the pot. I would have thrown it away if it wasn’t one of my expensive pots and worth the trouble and effort. Now, I absolutely hate maggots, it’s one of my phobias so this is a big deal for me, I’m quite annoyed at my housemate since she wouldn’t clean it and I feel that it was her job since I not only made the food but bought all the ingredients and she ate more than her share. But she won’t and I want to keep the pot so I’m going to have to do it 🙁

    So this is how I went about it. Enclosed shoes and rubber gloves on, kettle of boiling water ready, I took the pot into the bathroom and poured hot water all over the lid until it was too hot to touch (so the maggots clinging onto the lid dropped back in) and all around the sides (so the ones crawling around the sides also dropped in) then placed the pot back on the stove until I could hear the liquid boiling for a good 10-15mins so all the little squirming buggers were good and dead (or so I think, I haven’t checked). I have more freshly boiled water ready and will pour more over the lid and around the sides before I start pouring the rotten muck, little by little, into the toilet and flush it away. Will keep some extra hot water to rinse whatever is left clinging inside the pot.

    Hopefully it all works out. At least they should be dead so I don’t have to deal with live squirming things. A dead maggot will always be better than a live one to me!



    Just a few added tips that I found to have worked.

    Always make sure containers of ANY kind of food is shut tightly. Close things like chip and crisp bags up tightly with food pegs or clips.

    Always rinse out bottles and containers, especially beer and juice bottles since the rotting fermenting smell attracts flies.

    I take my rubbish out once or twice a week since we have a large bin and don’t cook very often. But in the summer the ‘fresh’ rubbish can lead to maggots when we aren’t careful so I’ve taken to putting my fresh rubbish (fruit and vegetable peels, uneaten food, teabags, off food etc) into smaller plastic bags and making sure that the bag doesn’t have any holes and tying it tightly. That way, there is no rotting food smell to attract the flies and no maggots! However, this only works when everyone in the household practices this and unfortunately for me, one of my housemates still doesn’t and I still end up with maggots occasionally, I make her take out the trash then.

    When all else fails, force or hot hot hot boiled water will always work since it the hot water will kill maggots of all stages. Eggs, larvae and pupae.

    The flies I get don’t like smoke so I burn incense to keep them away (mostly sandalwood) keeps mosquitoes away too so two birds with one stone 😉

    Hope this helps.



    Wow, thanks. I’m going to link to this article from the main page, it was REALLY useful.

    Hopefully somebody else finds it helpful!



    Hey yeah, thanks for the incense tip. I’m going to burn some right now!!!

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