Ants vs Maggots

I HATE Ants!

Almost as much as I HATE maggots.

Of course, I don’t get maggots as often as I get ants, so that just means I have more opportunity to hate ants more often.

But the one time I can say I enjoy seeing the sight of ants is when I have maggots crawling out of a bin bag and the ants are attacking! It’s a fierce battle, and the maggots put up a decent fight. But their strength and tough outer shell is no match for the sheer numbers of ant warriors.

I feel like a Roman emperor, watching down on gladiators fighting in an arena. I don’t need to give a thumbs up or down. I just know that eventually the only ones standing with prizes carried proudly to their deep, dark dungeons will be the ant warriors.

And I can go, in peace, knowing that the maggots have been taken care of…

What do Maggots LOOK like?

We’re looking for your photos!

Please, take a photo of your situation and email it (or them) to:

There have been a few people who have asked the questions “What do maggots look like?” or “Do you have any pictures of maggots?“.

To answer all of them, here are a few that I have collected from the internet in the hopes that these will help some of you.

Just to make sure I don’t gross out anybody stumbling on this site unintentionally, you’ll have to view this whole post directly to see the photos of maggots. Continue Reading “What do Maggots LOOK like?”

The Maggot Killing Battle is OVER!

There’s another great story in the forums today.

aceliven just wrote down how he battled a truly awesome maggot deluge using items from Walmart.

I went to put my garbage out at the curb and found one of the cans totally covered with 1/4 – 1/2 inch maggots.

I am a grown man and little bothers me in the natural world, but I just could not move that can with a moving cloth of slimy, disgusting larvae all over it.

My first thought was to put on a thick pair of work gloves… I still couldn’t stand it as I lifted the can and numerous maggots began to fall off onto my shoes and the cuffs of my pants.

Go read the rest of the article to see how this turned out, (spoiler alert: he won), what he bought from Walmart, and how he used those items.

Click here: My battle is over and I have answers!

Tell us YOUR story in the forums. It’s easy, just register and write!

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Killing a Pot FULL of MAGGOTS!

Do yourself a favour and read this article from the forum:

Killed a Pot Full of Maggots 😀

Here are a couple of quotes to whet your appetite:

So this is how I went about it. Enclosed shoes and rubber gloves on, kettle of boiling water ready, I took the pot into the bathroom and poured hot water all over the lid until it was too hot to touch (so the maggots clinging onto the lid dropped back in)

I have more freshly boiled water ready and will pour more over the lid and around the sides before I start pouring the rotten muck, little by little, into the toilet and flush it away.

Just a few added tips that I found to have worked.

Always make sure containers of ANY kind of food is shut tightly. Close things like chip and crisp bags up tightly with food pegs or clips.

Go on, give it a read, and don’t forget to sign up and leave a comment yourself!

Maggots in my Wheelie Bin

Maggots Infestation in Wheelie Bins

Poor old England!

They’re having a MASSIVE heatwave, and now is the time that the government decides to only do the rubbish collection every 2 weeks instead of every week.

This is causing a severe outbreak of maggots in wheelie bins. (A wheelie bin is your big black rubbish bin outside, in case you didn’t know).

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is happening all over the world.

In fact, traffic to this site has DOUBLED compared to last year. Global warming is really giving people hell in their rubbish bins! 🙂

Tips to Prevent Maggots in Wheelie Bins

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Maggots in the Morgue and McDonalds IceCream!

Here are 2 stories you REALLY don’t want to experience first hand (I guess especially the first one).

Maggots in Fresno County Morgue

“Yesterday when I came down into the morgue, there were flies dive-bombing us and dive-bombing the deceased. Looking around the ground, we noticed that there were maggots throughout the building,” Kellie Wiefel, Fresno County Deputy Coroner, said.

“We have to worry about them, an infestation in the bodies that we bring in of other people’s loved ones. This is a real problem,” Dr. David Hadden, Fresno County Coroner, said.

Hadden says while it’s normal to have a few maggots come in on the bodies; somehow they’ve invaded the walls.

Source: Maggots make themselves at home at Fresno County Morgue

Customer Finds Maggot in McDonalds Strawberry Sundae

Well, I’m not really sure if they did or not, and neither is McDonalds.

If you read the articles on this site, you’ll have to agree that ANYBODY can have maggots ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME!

But here goes:

A CHEF from Newtown said she was disgusted to bite into a maggot after being served one in her McDonald’s ice cream sundae.

“I didn’t eat the strawberry sundae there and then and instead took it home to freeze before tucking into it as a treat later on.

“But when I did I felt a lump in my mouth, not expecting to feel lumps in ice cream I checked it out and realised I’d bitten into a maggot.

Source: Customer disgusted to find maggot in icecream at Newtown McDonald’s

Maggot Therapy Videos


Maggots, although being EXTREMELY gross and TOTALLY irritating, can be a good thing when it comes to using them for medicine.

When maggots eat, they eat dead flesh. As the first video says, this tends to be the reason they have such a bad reputation. You wouldn’t want anything on you or near you that is there only because there’s rotting meat around.

Why are maggots good?

But, disinfected maggots have a medical use as well. The fact that maggots ONLY eat dead flesh and leave healthy flesh alone means that deploying maggots on a wound helps clear up the dead and rotting flesh, leaving your healthy tissue to grow and heal. This can help prevent further decay in a wound that does not heal properly.

The Informative yet GROSS videos

As I said at the top, do not watch these videos if you are queasy.

These videos are very short, documentary style videos showing the use of maggots in medicine.

You will see maggots put in open wounds, and you will see them crawling and eating the dead flesh.

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Final List of Comments on Maggots – Part 4

And here is the final list of comments from people who visited the old site containing the information on how to kill maggots.

Don’t forget to read all the other stories here:

And please use the forum if you would like to submit your own story or problem. And if you’re looking for information on how to get rid of maggots, take a look at the right hand side of this page for the relevant links.

And without further delays, here are the comments:

January 29th, 2007 at 6:25 am
creolina is best to kill maggots

January 29th, 2007 at 6:26 am
The story of Man that has maggots in his head………
Background. Traveling in Colombia, SA. Had a small rash before going on 6 day Ciudad Perdida tour into the jungle of Northern Colombia. Within three days, my head was covered in the rash and became open sores, weeping pus like crazy. I attempted to wash my hair as much as possible with bar soap and standard shampoo (using river water.) By morning, my head would look like I just got out of the shower. By the fourth day I was getting excruciating headaches originating around a series of lumps on the top of my head. I made it through the last couple of days by taking acetominophen every two hours to numb the pain. When I got back I went to a clinic and they diagnosed Piodermia. He gave me a prescription for Norfloxacin and Iodine shampoo. I used that for two days but the headaches overwhelmed me. I decided to go to a better clinic and they drained the large cyst that had developed. They found 4 maggots which they called Miasis. They described a different set of antibiotics Dicloxacilina and told me to shower with the Iodine stuff twice a day. I went another two days, but the headaches were still pounding. Now I could see the maggots at the lump undulating at the open sore. I went back again and they opened the cyst and pulled out another 7. I felt better but when I went back to the hotel I saw three more and pulled those out myself. The head aches stopped. I went back the next day for follow up and because I could see at least one more poppig to the surface occassionally. This time they had me buy some Creolina. From what I could tell it was some sort of cleanser. They injected the wound with the stuff and it burned like hell. The stuff ran down my face and now two days later, the places where it was are peeling off like a sun burn. That night, the hole closed. I went back for a consultation with the head surgery because they were recommending surgery. He said that it looked much better and that it should be okay without the surgery.

Now, in English, what in the hell did I have and is there long term effects that I need to worry about. Now, three days afterwards, the rash/sores that covered my head are pretty much all gone. They dried up, scabbed and came out. The other wound is still slightly raised, but there is no hole or weeping. I have one more 4 pill day of the Dicloxacilina to go. Shall I expect any other long term problems or risk or recurrence. This stuff was nasty.

I have pictures of the wound and worms. Any help would be appreciative.

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More People with Maggot Stories – Part 3

If you’re enjoying the stories that other readers have submitted, be sure to read the entire series:

And don’t forget, please use the maggot forum if you would like to submit your own story or problem. And if you’re looking for information on how to get rid of maggots, take a look at the right hand side of this page for the relevant links. 

Once again, here are the maggot comments:

August 29th, 2006 at 1:46 am
Last night as I was about to go up my stairs, I noticed a few bits on the floor and went to pick them up. I screamed out as I noticed what I was about to pick up was moving. My husband came running in and said there were maggots all over the floor. For the next 3 hours he was sweeping the floor in the house, the porch floor and the driveway just outside. A neighbour came over to help with a torch and we discovered that we could no longer see our wheelie bin as it was covered in maggots. My husband swept them all off and then started throwing them at the very far end of the garden, hoping we would not see them again. Were we wrong! When he eventually thought the house was clean and outside was the best he could get it, we laid salt, but they came back in, we tried pepper, they came in, and we tried bleach, guess what, they came in. By this time the ones at the bottom of the garden, which may I add is a very long garden, had now wiggled all the way back up and were heading towards my back patio door. I could not believe that the little bliters had managed to do this. It was such a long way for such a little body and they achieved it in record time. My poor hubby swept them back down and eventually we went to bed. This morning alot looked on their last legs as they baked in the sun but after a day out we came home to find the wheelie bin white again and my drive covered in millions of the little buggers. Out came the sweeping brush but my husband was fighting a losing battle and instead is now out trying to seel up the bin with cling film to stop anything else getting in or out. Im sure it wont work but hence my finding this site and thanks for all the great ideas for getting rid of them. One better one would be the council getting their backsides into gear and realizing that collecting food waste once a fortnight is a joke!!!

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