Author: James

  • Ants vs Maggots

    I HATE Ants! Almost as much as I HATE maggots. Of course, I don’t get maggots as often as I get ants, so that just means I have more opportunity to hate ants more often. But the one time I can say I enjoy seeing the sight of ants is when I have maggots crawling […]

  • What do Maggots LOOK like?

    We’re looking for your photos! Please, take a photo of your situation and email it (or them) to: There have been a few people who have asked the questions “What do maggots look like?” or “Do you have any pictures of maggots?“. To answer all of them, here are a few that I have […]

  • The Maggot Killing Battle is OVER!

    There’s another great story in the forums today. aceliven just wrote down how he battled a truly awesome maggot deluge using items from Walmart. I went to put my garbage out at the curb and found one of the cans totally covered with 1/4 – 1/2 inch maggots. I am a grown man and little […]

  • Killing a Pot FULL of MAGGOTS!

    Do yourself a favour and read this article from the forum: Killed a Pot Full of Maggots 😀 Here are a couple of quotes to whet your appetite: So this is how I went about it. Enclosed shoes and rubber gloves on, kettle of boiling water ready, I took the pot into the bathroom and […]

  • Maggots in my Wheelie Bin

    Poor old England! They’re having a MASSIVE heatwave, and now is the time that the government decides to only do the rubbish collection every 2 weeks instead of every week. This is causing a severe outbreak of maggots in wheelie bins. (A wheelie bin is your big black rubbish bin outside, in case you didn’t […]

  • Maggot Eating a Woman ALIVE!

    Here’s something a little scary! A woman paid our fair continent (Africa) a visit and went home with a bite. After a couple of days, she realised it was a maggot in her arm! Read it all HERE: Iron Your Clothes or Maggots Could Eat YOU!

  • Maggots in the Morgue and McDonalds IceCream!

    Here are 2 stories you REALLY don’t want to experience first hand (I guess especially the first one). Maggots in Fresno County Morgue “Yesterday when I came down into the morgue, there were flies dive-bombing us and dive-bombing the deceased. Looking around the ground, we noticed that there were maggots throughout the building,” Kellie Wiefel, […]

  • Maggot Therapy Videos

    DO NOT WATCH THESE VIDEOS IF YOU HAVE A WEAK STOMACH!!! Maggots, although being EXTREMELY gross and TOTALLY irritating, can be a good thing when it comes to using them for medicine. When maggots eat, they eat dead flesh. As the first video says, this tends to be the reason they have such a bad […]

  • Final List of Comments on Maggots – Part 4

    And here is the final list of comments from people who visited the old site containing the information on how to kill maggots. Don’t forget to read all the other stories here: People who have had Maggot Issues – Part 1 People With Maggots Problems – Part 2 More People with Maggot Stories – Part […]

  • More People with Maggot Stories – Part 3

    If you’re enjoying the stories that other readers have submitted, be sure to read the entire series: People who have had Maggot Issues – Part 1 People With Maggots Problems – Part 2 Final List of Comments on Maggots – Part 4 And don’t forget, please use the maggot forum if you would like to submit your own […]