Killing a Pot FULL of MAGGOTS!

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Killed a Pot Full of Maggots 😀

Here are a couple of quotes to whet your appetite:

So this is how I went about it. Enclosed shoes and rubber gloves on, kettle of boiling water ready, I took the pot into the bathroom and poured hot water all over the lid until it was too hot to touch (so the maggots clinging onto the lid dropped back in)

I have more freshly boiled water ready and will pour more over the lid and around the sides before I start pouring the rotten muck, little by little, into the toilet and flush it away.

Just a few added tips that I found to have worked.

Always make sure containers of ANY kind of food is shut tightly. Close things like chip and crisp bags up tightly with food pegs or clips.

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6 thoughts on “Killing a Pot FULL of MAGGOTS!

  1. We got Maggot coming down from the ceiling, apparently there must be some dead animal coming from the roof, get killed or trapped until die, then maggot arrived, eat all the meat and, now when they finish their food, and try to get some fresh one, so they come around and drop down from our canopy, maybe they smell something cooking down under. Now we cover the canopy with plastic and prevent them from coming down. Can anyone advise us what if we don’t do anything with them, will they die after a few day? or will they become fly? if so, after a few day, will the fly die?
    Please advise ASAP because, we are so worried and can not do our cooking without the canopy on.

    Thank you

  2. I’m pretty sure you can leave it as is for a few days, assuming the food source really IS finished. They might not be leaving the food because it’s finished, but rather because they’re planning on changing to flies.

  3. how do u get red of maggots on the side of your porch we used raid roach spray hot boiling water everthing plz help thank u

  4. Hello, I tried what you said about the hot water and it didn’t work along with bleach, they just kept on swimming, so I Flushed them down the stool.

  5. Sure you can if you want. They won’t do anything to you. But chances are the meat that they’re in is rotten, and that could kill you

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