The Maggot Killing Battle is OVER!

There’s another great story in the forums today.

aceliven just wrote down how he battled a truly awesome maggot deluge using items from Walmart.

I went to put my garbage out at the curb and found one of the cans totally covered with 1/4 – 1/2 inch maggots.

I am a grown man and little bothers me in the natural world, but I just could not move that can with a moving cloth of slimy, disgusting larvae all over it.

My first thought was to put on a thick pair of work gloves… I still couldn’t stand it as I lifted the can and numerous maggots began to fall off onto my shoes and the cuffs of my pants.

Go read the rest of the article to see how this turned out, (spoiler alert: he won), what he bought from Walmart, and how he used those items.

Click here: My battle is over and I have answers!

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One thought on “The Maggot Killing Battle is OVER!

  1. I woke up this morning n found maggots all ovay kitchen n living room I tried all the sprays I have in my house then I mixed things together spray them with raid then put germ x on them they won’t go anywhere they died in about 5 min but it does the job

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