I HATE Ants!

Almost as much as I HATE maggots.

Of course, I don’t get maggots as often as I get ants, so that just means I have more opportunity to hate ants more often.

But the one time I can say I enjoy seeing the sight of ants is when I have maggots crawling out of a bin bag and the ants are attacking! It’s a fierce battle, and the maggots put up a decent fight. But their strength and tough outer shell is no match for the sheer numbers of ant warriors.

I feel like a Roman emperor, watching down on gladiators fighting in an arena. I don’t need to give a thumbs up or down. I just know that eventually the only ones standing with prizes carried proudly to their deep, dark dungeons will be the ant warriors.

And I can go, in peace, knowing that the maggots have been taken care of…