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4 thoughts on “What Are Maggots

  1. I have a compost pit that I throw all kitchen waste in. I have noticed maghot infestation. If they are going to help reduce the volume they are welcome to stay. Will they do that at a high rate of speed?

  2. Ian

    It will definitely not help but make the problem of having them even worse. The more they eat on the kitchen waste, the bigger they become until they evolve into flies which will then lay more eggs which will repeat the process of having these maggots. My advice would be to find another way to dispose all kitchen waste in a safer and more healthy way.

  3. That part I understand and I’m aware that it’s not an ideal situation. What I’m trying to do is make the best of the situation. If I was able to keep mg garbage can outside until collection day it wouldn’t be an issue. As is though if I don’t compost kitchen waste it has to stay in the garage and even though it’s in bags and in the garbage can it stinks and I don’t want that. With the system I have it keeps the stink outside but because air can circulate it does not stink till you shovel it out which if all goes well will be only once per year.

    That’s why I really can’t come up with another idea and I have to go with what I already have in place. Obviously maggots are not pleasant and it looks like a horror movie when you open the lid but if the end result is less volume I’m happy and if maggots help with that it’s a good thing. So with all of that in mind, will the maggots help reduce the volume?

  4. Some maggots are useful. Look up BSF for Black Soldier Flies. The adult form (flies) don’t have mouth parts and the maggots form just eat so clearing your compost of meat products.

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