Maggots in my Wheelie Bin

Maggots Infestation in Wheelie Bins

Poor old England!

They’re having a MASSIVE heatwave, and now is the time that the government decides to only do the rubbish collection every 2 weeks instead of every week.

This is causing a severe outbreak of maggots in wheelie bins. (A wheelie bin is your big black rubbish bin outside, in case you didn’t know).

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is happening all over the world.

In fact, traffic to this site has DOUBLED compared to last year. Global warming is really giving people hell in their rubbish bins! 🙂

Tips to Prevent Maggots in Wheelie Bins

Here are a couple of obvious ideas for you to try to help prevent maggots appearing in your rubbish bins:

  • Wrap up meat in a tightly tied plastic bag if you have to throw it away outside
  • Related to the item above, make sure your rubbish bags are tied TIGHTLY before putting them in the wheelie bin outside. PLEASE consider using bags with strings like these available on Amazon: Amazon Strong Bags with ties
  • Try and keep food in the fridge until the night before garbage collection
  • Ensure your bin’s lid seals properly so that flies cannot get inside your bin to lay their larvae
  • Even better, though obviously not always feasible, keep your bins in a garage or other cool place until the night before rubbish collection

And, as always, if you’ve already got a maggot problem in your rubbish bins, go read the main article of this site: “How to kill maggots“.

It will even help you if you have a really gross maggot infestation in your wheelie bins!

27 thoughts on “Maggots in my Wheelie Bin

  1. I went out the other night and got back about 2 in morning and was shocked the whole road and drive was covered in maggots they were coming from all the bins in my road the floor crunched gross think off how many flies they make.

  2. garden floor full of maggots from bin. only had ant killer so used that and hot water and it killed them all. hope this helps.

  3. I’ve had the same problem today, got up this morning, they were all over the bin…gone out tonight and they are everywhere….crunch crunch….HELP!!! i used hot water and such, but it doesn’t help that it’s raining too

  4. Once again, went onto the drive tonight to find it totally covered in thousands of maggots. I am not understating when I say I had a total meltdown. Three summers now we have been on fortnightly collections and this is going to drive me insane. Bagging up leftovers and freezing them, going out regularly through the day to check the wheelie bin is shut down,double bagging all the rubbish before putting it in the wheelie bin. I am an emotional wreck – I poured over several kettles of boiling water and realised it was not touching them – just too many. My husband got the hose out to hose them away – but to where?? Decided against a composter due to the attraction to rats.

    I am so sick and tired of dreading every summer now because of maggots. It is making me ill.

  5. Got up today and there were hundreds of the horrible things crawling all over the bin outside. It disgraceful the bins only get emptied once a fortnight. I have poured cheap bleach all in the bin etc and its killing them. Also bought some JEYES bins crystals from tesco for when the bin is empty and will put it down everytime I put a rubbish bag in the bin, that stuff is supposed to really help

  6. Absolutely disgusting, been pouring with rain all day, came home this evening- shock horror!!!!back garden has maggot infestation from the wheelie bin. bin is covered in maggots and they have crawled all across the path, onto the patio (which is covered)and are starting to crawl towards the back door. Yuk yuk yuk. thousands of the little blighters. have swept what i can into a pile and sprayed with Raid fly spray (which has been suggested on here (thank god im not the only one this has happened to!!) which luckily seemed to do the trick on the ones i can see. have sprayed around the bin lid but not sure whether the bin men will take it if its covered with maggots or not???!! Sleepless night tonight wondering whether they will find a way in…i cant cope with them in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Emily

    After my previous post above, that same night the rain continued hard and later in the evening (after I thought we had got rid!) I opened the lounge door to go to the kitchen and was horrified to see maggots crawling across my hall floor. The had somehow gotten through the door frame (which is a new double glazed/sealed door!) and I had a total flip out! Really lost control. My husband had left for work, the children were in bed and I had to deal with it. I know some people don’t give it a second thought but I honestly think I have developed some kind of irrational phobia over maggots now. Anyway I had to run to the kitchen, grab the brush and pan and somehow in a few seconds mentally switched myself off and swept the little things into the dustpan and promptly threw them back outside. Every few minutes now I find myself casting a beady eye over the door frame to ensure they are not coming back!

    Today the rain has been hammering down and the maggots have returned with a vengeance and the wheelie bin is covered in hundreds of them. We are due for collection tomorrow and hope that will be the last of it as DH will clean/disinfect the wheelie when it is emptied.

    I find it all very nasty – apologies if I sound like a wimp! I just can’t cope with this feeling of being under attack/invaded!

  8. Don’t worry Deborah, you don’t sound like a wimp. I HATE maggots as well, even though they’re pretty much harmless.

  9. Of they are harmless though why do we hate them soixj? E.g. Spiders don’t worry me at all so why maggots?

  10. I reckon it’s because we know maggots tend to be around rotting flesh, generally old steaks, but thanks to movies, dead people.

    And, if you’ve got maggots, it means you’re a dirty, filthy and unhealthy person, even if in reality, you’re not. 🙂

    But that’s just my thought.

  11. over the last 2 days we have had alot of them in our wheely bin outside. luckly our wheely bin is outside our garden. however there are maggots everywhere. they have spread all the way accross the street. me and my mum traced them all the way accross to the other side. the floor looked like it was moving. what can we go to kill them ?

  12. OMG, came home this evening my wheelie bin had moved cause of maggots, my boyfriend is still outside cleaning them up. I’m stressed as bin collection not until Thurs, we have filled the bin with water,bleach and hope they drown. And boiliing water all over the decking they are everywhere….. is there anything else i can do to stop them until Thurs?

    A very sick feeling Siobhan

  13. hi, siobhan, i had the very same thing happen last night, went 2 lock up for the night and there were loads and i mean loads of maggots in the porch all over the front yard and all over the wheelie bin! spotted them at about 10pm and it took me and my partner untill 2am 2 get rid of most them, my partner had 2 go out 2 tesco and buy bleach (12 big bottles! lol) while i stayed buy the front door with a vacuum so they couldnt get in! some had gotten into our front room, which is my daughter play room, i was horrified and felt so ill, it was the fact that i didnt want them near my daughters things, i had 2 move everything from that room 2 makesure there were no more! they kept crawing in under the door, i had 2 boil the kettle about 20 times, and used all of the bleach, we have got rid of most, we sealed all the door and windows as they were climbing up outside! i had nightmare last night that they were crawling all over my home and falling all off my bed and walls! i have 2 small children, and we have not gone in the front room all day, im even considering throwing the vacuum away now as i can see maggots indside it, altho they dont seem 2 be moving but still, iv sealed the vacuum up 2 so they cant get out lol, i never thought i would react 2 this in such a way, but i guess its because i have 2 babies and also the fact that maggots are gross! im really disgusted by it all, and its made me feel ill and worried all day in case they come back tonight! our bins are also not collected untill thursday! pain in the arse, but will continue with boiled water and bleach and see what happens! hope you also sort out ur problem 2.

  14. Hi, I feel really gross, but we have just found maggots in our laundry and even in our living room. We have just had about 2 weeks worth of rain and everything outside is starting to dry out. Does anyone think that they are coming inside to find moisture? Its getting hot outside and dry. We have cleaned everything in our house and there is nothing to suggest that they are coming from within. it is so gross i feel so dirty.

  15. Found a black bag in the garden that had been overlooked for ever so when I put it in the wheelie bin trash today (on day three of a heatwave in the southern hemishere) I was amazed to see thousands of lil white critters jumping ship. I just poured a bottle of meths over them and discharged two raid foggers inside the bin. This only made them more angry and the numbers of escapees increased as they dropped off all sides of the wheelie bin.Not good. Because its maybe oh three hours til collection. Finally I sloshed some good ol petrol from a jerrycan over the lot and threw a lit match. Guess what? I need two new wheelie bins but no more maggots.

  16. OMG!!! Can’t beleive I found this site and that I’m not the only one. I’ve just been outside the back of my house to have a cig when I saw tons of maggots heading towards the door, I mean tons. I’m so freaked out! I have had them in the wheelie bin recently but it is nowhere near the door! I can’t kill them coz I’m a wimp, I can’t killa anything but am so scared they’re gonna get in the house. I’ve just lost my beautiful rottweiler too, she would have eaten them for me. Now I feel even more sad than I was! Why are they there it hasn’t even been warm today. I need to make my baby a bottle for later and daren’t go in the kitchen.I don’t know what to do. Do you think the police would help? I just know I am not going to be able to sleep!!!!!

  17. I completely understand your repulsion, however the Police would not appreciate you wasting their time with a pest control issue.

    Do you have a hosepipe? Hose them away if you cannot bear to sweep them up into a bag. If we get them during the day DH is quite good in getting rid of properly but at night when it is really dark he just gets out the hose and showers them away and even if he just leaves them they are usually gone by the morning.

    I don’t know how to kill maggots but hopefully this will help you!

  18. i have the same problem fortnightly refuse collections have led to maggots crawling every where over my bins and path.
    i hate them they make my skin crawl and i now dread taking my dogs out in the evening my husband works nights so have no choice but to go out i have recenly started climbing over fence to next door to get out the gate tried using bleach but they still keep coming so scared that they will come in the house

  19. i read an interesting post on another forum. ring pest control and tell them the situation and they will get onto the council about the fortnightly emptying of the weelie bins. thats just not acceptable. im in western australia and have never had this problem because our bins get emptied every week. untill today because i forgot to put it out last week. its amazing how much 1 week does. i rang the council up and they are sending a bin truck to empty my bin for a fee of $40. and have gone out to my patio and have been burning them deotorant and a lighter. they die from that. hope this has helped…

  20. I too have Maggots in my trash can so I put moth balls in a baggie and throw them into the empty can no more maggots.

  21. aaaaa ive magnets everywhere came back from holiday n my bins are over run in magnets they look yellow not black all up path on the street n now comin to my door climbing up my porch been pouring hot water vineager bleach bicarb salt mint oil floor clear washing up livid loads n loads of boiling water they just keep coming hope the council might collect extra week cos im not due for two weeks what can i do no matter how much i stay pour squirt there not getting any less bloody millions help HELP HELP HELP ITS NOW GONE TWO N I CANT SLEEP KEEP POURING MORE N MORE DOWN SCARED THEY MIGHT GET ON HOUSE RUN OUT OF CHEMICALS AAAAAAAAAAA

  22. I have just opened the back door to find my whole path covered in maggots that are falling out of my wheelie bin…yuk! I also opened the door to a little hedgehog sucking up as many maggots as i think it could physically digest! This causes me a slight dilemma as i want to help my little hedgehog eliminate these disgusting creatures but that now means i can’t use anything with chemical’s as i put the hedgehog at risk. They are right by the back door on the mat. I can only hope that little hedgehog has a family it can call for for a feast!! Thankfully the bin men are coming tomorrow so i can bleach the inside of the bin!

  23. My back yard was a moving mass of white maggots. YAK it was like it was snowing white maggots from the side of the whelie bin
    Sitting waiting for bin man calling to empty today
    So I can start fumigating my bin
    How disgusting
    Surely something can be done as the fortnightly collection is clearly not enough in Hot weather
    What can we do ???

  24. Unfortunately prevention is better than a cure. As corny as it sounds, you NEED to stop the flies getting in.

    Easiest way to do that is from the beginning of the trash cycle. Get bags that you can easily tie, ensuring that you seal your food leftovers before the flies get in. Or, even if they get in, then they can’t get out (well, the maggots can’t).

    Here’s the kind of thing I’ve resorted to using: Bin bags with ties

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