Here are 2 stories you REALLY don’t want to experience first hand (I guess especially the first one).

Maggots in Fresno County Morgue

“Yesterday when I came down into the morgue, there were flies dive-bombing us and dive-bombing the deceased. Looking around the ground, we noticed that there were maggots throughout the building,” Kellie Wiefel, Fresno County Deputy Coroner, said.

“We have to worry about them, an infestation in the bodies that we bring in of other people’s loved ones. This is a real problem,” Dr. David Hadden, Fresno County Coroner, said.

Hadden says while it’s normal to have a few maggots come in on the bodies; somehow they’ve invaded the walls.

Source: Maggots make themselves at home at Fresno County Morgue

Customer Finds Maggot in McDonalds Strawberry Sundae

Well, I’m not really sure if they did or not, and neither is McDonalds.

If you read the articles on this site, you’ll have to agree that ANYBODY can have maggots ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME!

But here goes:

A CHEF from Newtown said she was disgusted to bite into a maggot after being served one in her McDonald’s ice cream sundae.

“I didn’t eat the strawberry sundae there and then and instead took it home to freeze before tucking into it as a treat later on.

“But when I did I felt a lump in my mouth, not expecting to feel lumps in ice cream I checked it out and realised I’d bitten into a maggot.

Source: Customer disgusted to find maggot in icecream at Newtown McDonald’s